Research Unit

Emotional and Behavioural Disorders: Orthopedagogics and Special Education

03 June 2019 → Ongoing
Group leader
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Behavioural and emotional problems
This research group within the Department of Special Needs Education is aimed at studies about assessment, support and treatment of people with emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD), (severe) behavioral problems and/or people and their network in situations in which judicial intervention is deemed to be necessary. The research is focused on the support of both children, adolescents, adults, and all those involved in these difficult educational- and living situations. The research track is grounded in a holistic and strengths-based perspective in supporting children, adolescents and adults in socially vulnerable situations. To this end, an individual is always explicitly situated in and with his/her context. Orthopedagogical research is characterized by a close cooperation with various stakeholders, an integration of qualitative and quantitative research methods, an integrative view on modern and postmodern conceptions (Broekaert et al., 2011), and interdisciplinary and internationalcooperation.