Research Unit

Analysis and PDE Center

01 February 2020 → Ongoing
Group leader
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Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Linear and multilinear algebra, matrix theory
    • Topological groups, Lie groups
    • Abstract harmonic analysis
    • Calculus of variations and optimal control, optimisation
    • Finite differences and functional equations
    • Functional analysis
    • Functions of a complex variable
    • Harmonic analysis on Euclidean spaces
    • Integral equations
    • Integral transforms, operational calculus
    • Measure and integration
    • Operator theory
    • Ordinary differential equations
    • Partial differential equations
    • Potential theory
    • Real functions
    • Sequences, series, summability
    • Several complex variables and analytic spaces
    • Special functions
    • Analysis not elsewhere classified
    • Computer science
    • Fluid mechanics
    • General mathematics
    • Global analysis, analysis on manifolds
    • Probability theory
    • Machine learning and decision making
    • Artificial intelligence not elsewhere classified
The Analysis & PDE Center is devoted to the research on a broad range of topics in analysis and partial differential equations. We are also working on applications of the above research, on mathematical modelling, and on their numerical and computer science aspects. Another activity of the centre is to provide mathematical support for investigations in any other field of research.