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Coastal Engineering, Bridges and Roads Unit

01 October 2013 → Ongoing
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Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Non-destructive testing, safety and diagnosis
    • Construction engineering not elsewhere classified
    • Coastal and estuarine hydraulics
    • Energy generation, conversion and storage engineering not elsewehere classified
    • Hydrodynamics
    • Marine arrangements, structure and construction
The Coastal Engineering, Bridges and Roads Unit is one of the units of the department of Civil Engineering, and is composed of two research groups: the Coastal Engineering research group and the Bridges, Roads and Tunnels research group, respectively. The Coastal Engineering research group is focusing on research on (i) the design, construction and monitoring of coastal structures; (ii) experimental and numerical modeling of propagation of wind waves and their interaction with coastal structures; (iii) the development and usage of instruments for field measurements; and (iv) renewable (wave, tide, offshore wind) energy conversion. The staff members are involved in national and international projects on coastal and offshore engineering and ocean energy conversion. The research group has wave flumes and a wave tank available. The Bridges, Roads & Tunnels Research Group focuses on the design and construction of these important civil structures, with a special focus on fatigue, instabilities, geometrical imperfections, residual stresses, monitoring and load tests.