Research Unit

Research group for Media, Innovation and Communication Technologies

19 December 2004 → Ongoing
Group leader
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Research disciplines
  • Humanities
    • Design innovation
    • Design practice
    • Design research
    • Digital and interaction design
    • Sustainable design
  • Natural sciences
    • Adaptive agents and intelligent robotics
    • Human-computer interaction
    • Virtual reality and related simulation
  • Social sciences
    • Consumer psychology
    • Engineering psychology
    • Cognitive processes
    • Social behaviour and social action
    • Cultural economics, economic sociology, economic anthropology
    • Innovation and technology management
    • Consumer behaviour
    • Research, science and technology policy
    • Social policy
    • Social change
    • Sociology of child, adolescence and youth
    • Communication research methodology
    • Media and communication policy
    • Media and communication theory
    • Political economy of communication
    • Science and health communication
    • Human information behaviour
    • Social and community informatics
    • Digital media
    • Media audience research
    • Media research methodology
    • Media sociology
    • Human-centered design
    • Strategic design
    • Systems design
    • Other product development not elsewhere classified
  • Medical and health sciences
    • Behavioural neuroscience
    • Cognitive neuroscience
    • Behavioural sciences
  • Engineering and technology
    • Smart cities
    • Interactive and intelligent systems
    • Human-centered and life-like robotics
    • Rehabilitation engineering
    • Human-centered design
    • Strategic design
    • Systems design
The interdisciplinary research group for Media, Innovation and Communication Technologies (mict) is part of the department of Communication Sciences (Faculty of Political & Social Scriences) and the department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Product Design (Faculty of Engineering & Architecture) at Ghent University and part of the digital research institute imec. The research group has the mission to empower people in a digitizing society. The group gains insights in human behaviour by developing new methods, conceptual approaches and future technologies, inspiring people, organisations and policymakers to create a more sustainable society. We study the interactions between people, society and technology by leveraging on state-of-the art methodological innovation to grasp the attitudinal, behavioral as well as cognitive dimensions of the 'homo digitalis'. We deliver clear insights in users' (online/offline) behaviours, needs and wishes in a digitizing society. We believe in interdisciplinary and collaborative research in which these insights are a key differentiator for user-centric development of more empowering interfaces.