Research Unit

Urban waste and circular economy

01 September 2017 → Ongoing
Group leader
Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Flow chemistry
    • Organic green chemistry
    • Photochemistry
  • Social sciences
    • Sociology and social studies of science and technology
    • Sociology of development
    • Sociological methodology and research methods
  • Engineering and technology
    • Chemical process design
    • Recycling
This initiative is a cooperation between the Center for Sustainable Chemistry and the Center for Sustainable Development. An interdisciplinary team will look upon sustainable chemistry and circular economy from a new perspective and will develop a new vision by taking into account societal and governance aspects. This initiative aims at the initiation of a change in technological research via the implementation of socio-technical problems in the design phase. Focus will be on process intensificationapplied on the valorization of urban waste streams and photochemical processes, two research domains which are still in their infancy.