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Centre for Textile Science and Engineering

01 January 1929 → Ongoing
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Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Textile technology
    • Short and long fibre reinforced composites
    • Computational materials science
    • Destructive and non-destructive testing of materials
    • Functionalisation of materials
    • Polymer processing
    • Textiles
The Centre for Textile Science and Technology (CTSE) is part of the Department of Materials, Textiles and Chemical Engineering (vakgroep MaTCh Materialen, Textiel en Chemische Proceskunde - EA11), within the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at Ghent University in Belgium. It aims at high-level education, research and services toward industry and society in the general field of materials science and material manufacturing, and the specific field of textile science/engineering and technology.Therefore CTSE is composed of a well-balanced team of professors, assistant academic staff members and technical staff members. The ultimate goal is to cover the whole production chain to further optimize and design novel textile-based applications, explaining research themes such as polymer and textile processing (e.g. (reactive) extrusion, textile manufacturing), fiber material design and characterization (e.g. nanofiber production & physical and chemical fiber modification), textile technology (e.g. printing technologies and composite manufacturing), and advanced applications (e.g. (nano)filtration and smart textiles). Synergies between the diverse competences of CTSE members are essential to allow for: (i) the development of novel functional materials for textile applications, ranging from functional membranes and chemical sensors to smart textiles (ii) a multi-scale combined experimental and theoretical understanding of textile properties and chemical and physical textile technological processes (iii) fundamental insights in polymer processing techniques, including spinning, additive manufacturing, and extrusion (iv) the advanced understanding and characterization of fiber-fiber and matrix-fiber interactions in view of composite manufacturing (v) a facile incorporation of fiber/textile product development in an industrial context CTSE is unique within the Benelux and is a founding member of the Association of Universities for Textiles (AUTEX). As a university knowledge centre, we consider our Services and Testing for industry an essential part of our mission, part of which is accredited according to ISO 17025. Producers, traders and end-users from all over the world can rely on us for testing and advice on a wide range of parameters such as strength, wear, abrasion, chemical and UV-resistance, electrical and thermal conductivity, fire resistance, chemical composition, colour fastness, polymer analysis etc. These parameters can relate to a wide variety of products such as fibres, yarns, fabrics, carpets, artificial turf, automotive textiles, but also plastics, wood, composites and other materials.