Research Unit

BE4LIFE - Behavioral Economics For Life

Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Consumer psychology
    • Consumer behaviour
    • Marketing not elsewhere classified
The research center ‘Behavioral Economics For Life’ (BE4LIFE) focuses on academic and practical oriented research on consumption that enhances well-being of the individual and society (e.g. sustainable, healthy, ethical consumption). We aim to gather new insights in well-being enhancing consumption and spread this knowledge among academics, practitioners, policy-makers and the wider public. By setting up this research center, the cooperation between researchers from different domains is stimulated. Interdisciplinary research combines knowledge from different disciplines and allows us to get a more complete, profound and extensive view on well-being enhancing consumption, the underlying processes and the way in which behavioral change can be triggered based on knowledge from different domains. By combining insights from different domains, research groups and faculties, we create an added value to academic research. Current knowledge and expertise is fragmented and cooperation between research groups is scarce. By bundling existing knowledge and expertise and developing new knowledge, BE4LIFE strives to give information to researchers and policy makers on the newest academic insights and best practices and give practical recommendations. BE4LIFE will also provide advice based on academic insights to policy makers in the public and private sector.