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Critical and Comparative Research on Culture

07 September 2022 → Ongoing
Group leader
Research disciplines
  • Humanities
    • Other languages and literary studies not elsewhere classified
    • Other philosophy, ethics and religious studies not elsewhere classified
Area studies History Interculturalism Literary studies Religion Translation Studies Africa Asia Eastern Europe Western Europe
The inter-faculty research cluster Critical and Comparative Research On Culture (CCROC) brings together a group of researchers from different disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, who share a focus on questions about culture and the cultural. They approach a range of such questions in terms of their complementary backgrounds in cultural and intellectual history, cross-cultural psychology, literary theory and transnational literary studies, rhetorics and pedagogy, translation studies, and comparative science of cultures. Their research collaboration concerns (a) the study of different aspects of Western culture in the past and present, (b) theorizing on culture and cultural phenomena in general, and (c) the study of cultural differences and non-Western cultures in domains such as psychology, politics, literature, popular culture, translation, etc.