Research Unit

Training and Research Institute for Surgical Artificial Intelligence

01 May 2023 → Ongoing
Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Machine learning and decision making
    • Computer vision
    • Virtual reality and related simulation
    • Computational biomodelling and machine learning
  • Social sciences
    • Artificial intelligence
  • Medical and health sciences
    • Abdominal surgery
    • General surgery
    • Oncological surgery
    • Transplantation surgery
    • Urological surgery
    • Urology
Surgery Computer Vision Research & Training Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence
TRISAI is an interdisciplinary training and research institute at Ghent University dedicated to advancing the development of artificial intelligence (AI) in surgery. Our team consists of highly skilled healthcare professionals and engineers who work collaboratively to push the boundaries of AI research, education, and innovation in the field of surgery. At TRISAI, we are committed to leveraging the power of AI to improve surgical performance and enhance patient outcomes. Our primary focus is on computer vision applied to surgery in which we actively pursue translational and clinical research on AI and its potential applications in surgery. Through our interdisciplinary approach, we aim to develop cutting-edge AI technologies that can be applied in real-world surgical settings. To facilitate knowledge sharing and promote learning, TRISAI offers a range of workshops and learning opportunities to students, healthcare professionals, and engineers who wish to explore the various applications of AI in surgery. We recognize the importance of trustworthiness and ethics in AI research, and we collaborate with different international networks to maintain our status as a trustworthy AI lab. At TRISAI, we are passionate about creating a brighter future for surgery through the transformative power of AI.