Research Unit

Center for the Future of Dispute Resolution

28 April 2021 → Ongoing
Group leader
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Courts and sentencing
    • Comparative law
    • Litigation, adjudication and dispute resolution
    • Procedural law
The Centre for the Future of Dispute Resolution assembles a group of researchers around the topic of dispute resolution. The research covers a broad range of issues that all relate to the way in which dispute resolution is evolving as a result of a series of social developments, such as digitalization. Two strands of research can be distinguished. A first important line of research concerns the role and position of the human decision-maker and questions whether the role of technology will change human value in dispute resolution. A second strand focuses on analysing the weight given to concerns of legitimacy as opposed to standards of efficiency and the specific role that party-autonomy is attributed in this specific balancing exercise. Specific questions arise here concerning the fundamentals of dispute resolution and the legal framework within which it operates. These topics are examined from an international, comparative and multi-disciplinary perspective.