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Core Facility Centre for X-ray Tomography

01 November 2022 → Ongoing
Scientific supervisor
Core Facilities manager
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  • Engineering and technology
    • Software and data acquisition
    • Data visualisation and imaging
imaging non-invasive imaging tomography
This facility brings together all the infrastructure present at UGent for high-resolution X-ray CT for non-in-vivo purposes. UGCT is one of the few facilities where expertise on the entire imaging chain is present, ranging from simulation (and associated knowledge around the physics behind the imaging itself), device design and development of both reconstruction and analysis tools. This mix is crucial for delivering best-quality results. In addition, UGCT researchers have experience in applying the technique in an enormously wide range of application areas, which is important to assist the various users in linking their research question with the most appropriate analysis methods to interpret the enormously rich 3D (and sometimes 4D) data.