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HEALTH, SELF AND SOCIETY: Bridging minds in society

01 March 2024 → Ongoing
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Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Health psychology
    • Sociology of health
Health Sociology Health psychology
Health, Self and Society is founded at the crossroads of health psychology and health sociology and grew out of a longstanding interfaculty collaboration between two research groups at Ghent University: the Ghent Health Psychology Lab (GHPLab) lead by Prof. Liesbet Goubert and Health and Demographic Research (HEDERA) headed by Prof. Piet Bracke. The collaboration started in 2009 and led to several funded projects. Our research is founded on three main pillars: health, care and society. By studying how health and care are embedded in and influenced by society, we aim to bring psychological and sociological insights to the realm of biomedicine and health care. Our present projects are centred around stigma, chronic pain or medication use or any of the intersections of those themes. By adopting an interdisciplinary multimethod approach we strive for convergence in all our projects. Our team employs both qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods as well as experimental designs and often combines both micro, meso and even macro level perspectives on health. At Health, Self and Society we strive for a more encompassing understanding of health, care seeking and provision.