Research Unit

Core Tissue and Cell Culture

01 February 2024 → Ongoing
Scientific supervisor
Core Facilities manager
Research disciplines
  • Medical and health sciences
    • Adaptive immunology
    • Allergology
    • Applied immunology
    • Autoimmunity
    • Immunogenetics
    • Inflammation
    • Innate immunity
    • Transplantation immunology
    • Vaccinology
    • Cancer biology
    • Cancer diagnosis
    • Cancer epidemiology
    • Cancer prevention
    • Cancer therapy
    • Cell death
    • Cell division
    • Cell growth and development
    • Cell movement
    • Cell signalling
    • Cellular interactions and extracellular matrix
    • Cytoskeleton
    • Developmental biology
    • Intracellular compartments and transport
    • Membrane structure and transport
    • Posttranslational modifications
    • Stem cell biology
    • Structural biology
established cell lines (advanced) culture conditions authentication human disease (pluripotent) stem cells sterility (mycoplasma) primary cells
CORE Tissue and Cell Culture has a main goal to provide and centralize all relevant basic equipment and expertise within the domain of tissue and cell culture of human origin (or animal models representing human disease).