Research Unit

Centre for Research on Cognition, Behaviour, and Ecology of Animals

Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Animal ecology
    • Behavioural biology
    • Behavioural ecology
  • Social sciences
    • Animal experimental psychology
    • Comparative psychology
    • Biological psychology
  • Agricultural and food sciences
    • Zoological medicine
behavioral ecology Wildlife Health behavioral biology animal cognition
The main aim of the Research Centre on ‘Cognition, Behaviour, and Ecology in animals’ is to provide answers to four questions: (1) What are the underlying neurobiological and cognitive mechanisms that enable individuals to adapt their behavior in response to unexpected or sudden changes in the environment? (2) How do these mechanisms and the resulting behaviour develop during an individual's lifetime? (3) What are the consequences if individuals are better (or just less) able to adapt their behaviour? (4) How has the ability to adapt behavior evolved (and are there species that are better or less able to adapt their behaviour)?