Research Unit

Functional Analysis and Number Theory

04 January 2021 → Ongoing
Other information
Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Number theory
    • Abstract harmonic analysis
    • Approximations and expansions
    • Functional analysis
    • Functions of a complex variable
    • Harmonic analysis on Euclidean spaces
    • Integral transforms, operational calculus
    • Measure and integration
    • Real functions
    • Sequences, series, summability
    • Several complex variables and analytic spaces
    • Special functions
    • Analysis not elsewhere classified
Fourier analysis Analytic number theory Functional analysis Classical analysis Asymptotic analysis
The research group Functional Analysis and Number Theory studies locally convex function spaces, Fourier analysis, and analytic number theory. Current research includes time-frequency analysis methods in functional analysis, linear and non-linear theories of generalized functions, Denjoy-Carleman classes, homological algebra methods in functional analysis, function spaces on Lie groups, Tauberian theorems, asymptotic analysis, generalized primes and integers, and mean-value theorems for arithmetic functions.