Research Unit

Center for Ethics and Value Inquiry

19 April 2019 → Ongoing
Group leader
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Research disciplines
  • Humanities
    • Ethical theory
    • Deontology
    • Virtue ethics
    • Teleology
    • Metaethics
    • Bioethics
    • Business ethics
    • Organisational ethics
    • Legal ethics
    • Medical ethics and medical deontology
    • Nursing ethics
    • Social ethics
    • Environmental ethics
    • Animal ethics
    • Care ethics
    • Ethics of family, relationships and sexuality 
    • Professional ethics
    • Ethics of technology
    • Religious ethics
    • Human rights and justice issues
The Centre for Ethics and Value Inquiry (CEVI) carries out research on the ethics of globalization and on ethics under the conditions of globalisation. The centre specializes in researching current sense-making of globalisation phenomena, in particular the 'language of ethics' and its 'existentials' (Edel). The centre is involved in several international networks and platforms and is a founding member of the International Global Ethics Association (IGEA). Being an academic stakeholder, CEVI maintains good and collaborative relations with the civil and the professional community.