Research Unit

UGent Centre for Bantu Studies

01 January 2016 → Ongoing
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Research disciplines
  • Humanities
    • Material culture studies
    • African history
    • African languages
The UGent Centre for Bantu Studies (BANTUGENT) represents a transdisciplinary approach to the past and present of Bantu languages, Bantu speech communities and their material worlds. The research starts from the data-driven study of language and/or material culture and is combined with methods and theoretical insights from (historical) linguistics, archaeology, (historical) anthropology, art history, (ethno)history, ethnobotany, ethnozoology, genetics, etc. This research group aims to continue and to broaden the work undertaken within the ERC-funded KongoKing and BantuFirst projects, the BELSPO-funded CongoConnect project, as well as associated projects within the field of Bantu Studies.