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The Inside Story. Art, Interior Design & Architecture 1750-1950

19 April 2019 → Ongoing
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  • Humanities
    • Architectural design not elsewhere classified
    • Interior design
Art Gender History Dutch English French 18th Century 19th Century 20th Century Belgium Western Europe Comparative Field research Geographic and map based Iconography and analysis of images Quantitative Design history Art objects Architecture Interior design Art history Art collections
The Inside Story: Art, Interior and Architecture 1750-1950 (ThIS) investigates art as related to architecture and the interior, between c.1750 and 1950. It is an interdisciplinary research team, initiated in 2016, between Ghent University and Vrije Universiteit Brussel, with members from the Art History and Architectural Engineering departments. ThIS considers the place and role of art within architecture and the interior, the history of interiors, and the decorative arts. Starting from artworks, material objects, visual and textual sources, and inspired by the challenges of present-day living and the possibilities of digital technologies, ThIS studies underexposed art and historic interiors with an eye for heritage policy and for gender issues. ThIS focuses on Belgium in an international context, as there is still a great deal of research potential, and many artists, artworks and historic interiors from the period 1750-1950 are still underexposed and often vulnerable. Through knowledge and expertise exchange, impetus can be given to better protection and preservation of this heritage. Annually, ThIS organises a colloquium on historic interiors and design in Ghent (Studiedag Historisch Interieur en Design), bringing together heritage professionals and scholars from various disciplines and institutions. Regularly, ThIS also co-organized/s international conferences, a.o. in collaboration with the European Society of Nineteenth-Century Art (ESNA). ThIS focusses on the following topics: Fine arts and/in historic interiors & architecture Fine arts in/and architecture, e.g.: ornamental sculpture; monumental painting; monumental sculpture;... Artists’ studios and homes, studio practices, actual living conditions, impact of the private on the public lives of artists The (artistic) representation and material culture of historic interiors The (aesthetic) presentation of art in the interior (public-private); art collections; art salons Decorative arts & design, arts & the decorative The (artistic/aesthetic) decoration of the interior Sculpture, painting and the decorative; the decorative arts at exhibitions; art, craft and technology/industry; Interiors, decorative arts, and gender; Textile and fashion history; fashion & architecture