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Ghent Centre for Slavic and East European Studies

19 April 2019 → Ongoing
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Research disciplines
  • Humanities
    • Other slavic languages
    • Russian language
    • Literatures in Russian
    • Other slavic literatures
The Ghent Centre for Slavic and East European Research (GCSEES) has been set up to coordinate the various strands of research represented by the members of the Slavic section of the Department of Languages and Cultures. In addition, the intention is to make Ghent’s Slavic research more visible to a wider academic public in the field of Slavic studies. The research on Slavic and East European topics focusses on four broadly defined fields of investigation: (1) Balkan Studies, (2) Ethnolinguistics and folklore, (3) Palaeoslavica (medieval and premodern Slavic Language and text studies), and (4) Studies in Modern Russian Literature.