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Pore-scale Processes in Geomaterials: PProGRess

01 January 2010 → Ongoing
Group leader
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Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Geoarchaeology
    • Mineralogy and crystallography
    • Petroleum and coal geology
    • Atmospheric sciences, challenges and pollution not elsewhere classified
Rocks are not immutable materials, but interact with the environment in which they find themselves through pores and cracks. PProGRess (Pore-scale Processes in Geomaterials Research group) is a dynamic group that investigates which chemical, physical and biological processes take place in the pores of geomaterials on a microscopic to macroscopic scale. This research finds applications in both the subsurface and in rocks used as (building) materials, mainly in the context of the environment. In thesubsoil PProGRess mainly studies processes in geological reservoirs and aquifers, for example how we can store CO2 in the subsoil. Above ground the focus is on the use and conservation of natural stone in cultural heritage and what the interaction is with our atmosphere in a context of climate change. Since these processes take place on different scales, the group specializes in non-destructive 3D imaging of rocks on the nano- to the macro-scale.