Research Unit

Flanders Research Consortium on Fermented Foods and Beverages

01 October 2009 → Ongoing
Group leader
Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Analysis of next-generation sequence data
    • Phylogeny and comparative analysis
    • Bacteriology
    • Microbiomes
  • Agricultural and food sciences
    • Food fermentation
    • Food microbiology
    • Food technology
    • Veterinary public health and food safety
This consortium brings together researchers from the Laboratory of Microbiology (LM-UGent, Faculty of Science, Ghent University) and from the Research Group Industrial Microbiology and Food Biotechnology (IMDO, Department of Bioscience Engineering, VUB) and aims to jointly identify species diversity, population dynamics and metabolite analysis of fermented foods and beverages in the dairy, meat, bakery, vegetable, cocoa and fermented beverages sector. This also includes screening for and isolationand classification / identification of food-grade microorganisms, the description of new taxa and functionality analysis of new, high-performance, functional starter cultures.