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HIV Cure Research Centre

19 April 2019 → Ongoing
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The HIV Cure Research Centre (HCRC) is nested in the department of Internal Medicine at the Ghent University Hospital. The main focus of the research centre is to support and perform HIV reservoir and HIV cure related research. In an HIV patient taking therapy, the virus is suppressed but remains present in a so-called HIV reservoir. The HCRC has three important pillars. First, the group performs basic research towards the establishment and maintenance of HIV reservoirs. Secondly, we fine tune anddesign new assays to monitor HIV reservoirs in patients and thirdly, we design and perform clinical trials to further support the search for an HIV Cure. We established a fund raising platform that supports the search for HIV cure. We organize different activities through the year (events). Finally, the HCRC organizes annually an HIV cure symposium and a course to teach students from whole over the world how to measure HIV latency.