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Laboratory of Toxicology

19 April 2019 → Ongoing
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Research disciplines
  • Medical and health sciences
    • Analytical toxicology
    • Clinical toxicology
    • Forensic toxicology
"The research of the Laboratory of Toxicology can be subdivided in twodisciplines:-A first research line focus on the bio-analytical determination ofdrugs, drugs of abuse, as well as vitamins in a wide set of matrices(from blood, over urine or hair toplant material for vitamins), withparticular emphasis on alternative sampling strategies, such as driedblood sampling. Special attention goes here to the development of newmethods and concepts. To get a better view on the research performed inthis domain by the laboratory see the publications.- A second research line is related to G protein-coupled receptors(GPCRs) biology, joining research previously performed at the Laboratoryof G-protein Expression and Signal Transduction (L-GEST) with morerecent research at the Laboratory of Toxicology. This impliesinvestigation of the molecular mechanisms that control GPCR signaling,as well as the description, on a molecular level, of the link betweenligand binding and signaling efficacy in specific pathways. In addition,we analyze and try to define the role of protein-protein interactions.The latter also includes the development of novel bioassays to determinethe biological activity of a diversity of compounds in biologicalmatrices. To get a better view on the research performed in this domainby the laboratory see the publications.Techniques used are analytical techniques (GC-MS, LC-MS/MS, LC-FLUO,LC-DAD and immunological methods (for screening)), as well asmicroscopy, cell biological and molecular biological techniques."