Research Unit

Ghent Centre for Global Studies

Research disciplines
  • Humanities
    • African history
    • Socio-economic history
    • World history
    • Human rights and justice issues
  • Social sciences
    • Economic development
    • Civic learning and community development
    • Child welfare
    • Area studies
    • Postcolonial studies
    • Radical and critical sociology, feminist studies
    • Urban sociology and community studies
    • Migration
    • Social movements and collective action
    • Race and ethnic relations
    • Human rights law
    • Development studies
    • Environmental politics
    • European union politics
    • Globalisation
    • International politics
    • Political economy
    • Security, peace and conflict
    • Local and urban politics
  • Engineering and technology
    • Housing markets, development, management
The Ghent Centre for Global Studies is an interdisciplinary research platform uniting scholars from Social Sciences and Humanities at Ghent University around the critical study of globalisation, with special attention to the interaction of local and global processes. With its research and education – on migration, borders and mobilities; political ecology of land (rights), natural resources (extraction) and climate change; economic (de- and re-)regulations, urban-rural transformations and social movements fighting for a more just world – the Centre aims to develop knowledge as a tool for global social change and to contribute to the public debate on the transition towards a sustainable economy on a human scale. To this end, the GCGS also collaborates with civil society, policy-makers and the arts.