Research Unit

Disability Studies

03 June 2019 → Ongoing
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Disability studies
This research track is aimed to study some important themes : 1. The question of ‘the human’ (who is seen as a viable human knowing the ableist ideals ruling our world) 2. Bodies that matter (in what ways do disabled bodies rearticulate what qualifies as a body that matters? – how do societal practices uphold the precarious higher status of non-disabled people? – how are non-disabled bodies made more viable than disabled bodies?) 3. The global biopolitics of disability (the question how we can decolonize a northern hemisphere dominance within disability studies) The research track is based on some very explicit points of view: individuals can only be understood in connection with their contexts + as interdependent beings we all need support+ relational ethics is crucial + looking for ‘voice’ of persons with disabilities is an important task + we need to work interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary + we should question normative tendencies + disability studies has to remember its connectionwith activism Disability Studies uses very specific research methods: portraiture – auto ethnography – ethnographic research – narrative research – critical incident method – collective biography – arts based research…