Zerihun Getachew Gebrehana

Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Environmental management
    • Natural resource management
    • Carbon sequestration science
    • Soil biology
Vermicomposting Soil microbiology nutrient management Soil biology
Soon after having been recruited at the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR) and thus obtaining some experience in soil and water related research, Zerihun Getachew did his MSc study in Soil Science at Hawassa University and graduated in November 2015, and then continued as a researcher in the soil fertility management research team. He won the Ghent University sandwich scholarship grant, “Special Research Fund” (BOF), and joined Ghent University in 2018 with half of his research work at EIAR, Ethiopia, and half of the research work at SoFer. His Ph.D. project is aimed at studying the potential of indigenous earthworm species for vermicomposting and improving soil and plant health in Ethiopia in a holistic manner. The research is under supervision of Prof. Stefaan De Neve (UGent), Prof. Wim Wesemael (UGent and ILVO), Prof Sheleme Beyene (Hawassa University, Ethiopia) and Dr. Mesfin Tsegaye (UGent). The research is co-funded by EIAR.