Tom Ruttink

Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Analysis of next-generation sequence data
    • Computational evolutionary biology, comparative genomics and population genomics
    • Computational transcriptomics and epigenomics
    • Development of bioinformatics software, tools and databases
    • Bioinformatics and computational biology not elsewhere classified
    • Genome structure and regulation
    • Population, ecological and evolutionary genetics
    • Quantitative genetics
    • Plant cell and molecular biology
    • Plant developmental and reproductive biology
    • Plant genetics
    • Plant morphology, anatomy and physiology
    • Genomics
    • Metagenomics
    • Transcriptomics
  • Agricultural and food sciences
    • Crop science
    • Agricultural plant breeding and biotechnology
    • Biotechnology for agricultural, forestry, fisheries and allied sciences not elsewhere classified
plant physiology bioinformatics plant breeding genomics genetic diversity molecular biology