Renata Petrevska Nechkoska

Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Business economics
    • Financial economics
    • Industrial economics
    • Applied economics not elsewhere classified
    • Business administration
    • Development planning and policy
    • Economic development
    • Innovation, research and development, technological change, intellectual property rights
    • Business information management
    • Business management
    • Human resource management
    • Innovation and technology management
    • Logistics and supply chain management
    • Management information systems
    • Organisation and management theory
    • Organisational management
    • Production and service management
    • Project management
    • Strategic management
    • Management not elsewhere classified
    • Data collection and data estimation methodology, computer programs
    • Econometric and statistical methods and methodology
    • Mathematical methods, programming models, mathematical and simulation modelling
    • Mathematical and quantitative methods not elsewhere classified
    • Analysis of collective decision-making
    • General equilibrium and disequilibrium
    • Information, knowledge and uncertainty
  • Engineering and technology
    • Modelling not elsewhere classified
    • Systems theory, modelling and identification
    • Other computer engineering, information technology and mathematical engineering not elsewhere classified
Management Information Systems Tactical management business informatics project management design science research requirements engineering complexity banking disruptive innovation