Leen Pollefliet

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  • Humanities
    • Dutch language
Academic writing Written communication Oral communication Writing a thesis Academic poster Job application Professional telephone call Business presentation
As a master of languages (1985, UGent, magna cum laude) I have been teaching industrial and - from 2013 - civil engineering students since 1988 and I have specialized in written and oral communication and in job application training. In addition to the lessons, I have also developed a communication learning line for the full training of industrial engineers - from 1 bachelor to 1 master. To support the lessons and the learning trajectory, I wrote a number of handbooks: works on bachelor's, master's theses and theses writing (Schrijven: van verslag tot eindwerk, SOS schrijven en Scoren met je scriptie) and a work on presentations, pitches, academic posters, business phone calls, meetings and job applications (Bij wijze van spreken).