Joren Six

Research disciplines
  • Humanities
    • Musicology and ethnomusicology
    • Music theory and writing
  • Engineering and technology
    • Audio and speech computing
Music Information Retrieval Computational Ethnomusicology Music Technology Music informatics Audio Engineering Digital Humanities Collaborative Databases
Mid 2008 Joren graduated as Master of Science: Computer Science at University College Ghent – Faculty Applied Engineering Sciences. His master’s thesis was on recommender systems. After his studies he started at Vooruit Arts Centre to implement a recommender system and to help with IBBT research projects. Late 2009, after a short stint at Cultuurnet Vlaanderen, he joined a MIR-related research project at the school of arts, Ghent ‘Development and Application of MIR Techniques on Contemporary Classical and Ethnic Music’. Late 2013 this project turned into a 4-year PhD-project at University Ghent, IPEM . After his PhD defence, early 2018, Joren was involved in several projects as post-docoral researcher: an European project (Horizon 2020) involving music instrument teaching and robotics: CONBOTS, A Valorization project together with the sports science department of UGent and a three year Digital Humanities project: PaPiOM “Patterns in Pitch Organisation in Music”. Late 2023 Joren started at the Ghent Center for Digital Humanities as a research software engineer to help humanities researchers find solutions for technical hurdles in their research.