Johan Vande Walle

Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Developmental neuropsychology
    • Learning and behaviour
  • Medical and health sciences
    • Pediatrics
    • Pediatrics
    • General physiology
    • Pathophysiology
    • Systems physiology
    • Physiology not elsewhere classified
    • Dialysis related medicine
    • Kidney diseases
    • Kidney transplantation
    • Urology
    • Urology and nephrology not elsewhere classified
    • Motor control
    • Clinical and sports nutrition
    • Dietetics and molecular nutrition
    • Nutritional physiology
    • Nutrition and dietetics not elsewhere classified
    • Biomarker discovery
    • Biomarker evaluation
    • Biomarker discovery and evaluation not elsewhere classified
    • Clinical trials
    • Non-clinical studies
    • Drug discovery and development not elsewhere classified
chronic renal failure acute renal failure transplantation clinical pharmacology urinary tract infections congenital uropathie pediatric nephrology pediatric urology heriditary renal diseases pediatric drug research nephrotic syndrome hemolytic uremic syndrome urolithiasis dialysis rare diseases bladder dysfunction enuresis hypertension complement mediated diseases Conect4children C4C