Isabelle De Groote

Research disciplines
  • Humanities
    • Bioarchaeology
    • Prehistoric archaeology
  • Natural sciences
    • Biology of adaptation
    • Palaeontology
    • Evolutionary biology not elsewhere classified
palaeoanthropology evolutionary anthropology physical anthropology biological anthropology
In general my research interest is human evolution, with a focus on modern human diversity and the emergence, evolution, and disappearance of Neanderthals, and the related question of the origins of anatomically and behaviorally modern humans. Currently, my research focuses on three topics: 1) understanding the transition from a hunter gatherer lifestyle to one of food production in Northwest Europe, 2) studying differences in post-cranial morphology between modern human populations and the influences of climate, activity and heredity; and 3) applying models based on modern human diversity in order to contextualise the differences observed between Neanderthals and early modern humans. Through my research into post-cranial anatomy, I am also interested in the ontogeny of human skeletal diversity and the relationships between activity, environment and growth patterns.