Elisabeth Goethals

Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Research methods and experimental design
    • Agricultural and natural resource economics, environmental and ecological economics
Research methods Behavioral research Farmers
Elisabeth Goethals is a doctoral researcher and academic assistant at the Department of Agricultural Economics. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Psychology, complemented by Master's degrees in Clinical Psychology and Business Economics, all attained from Ghent University. Presently, she contributes to teaching various courses encompassing Economics, Marketing, and Research Methods, with a predominant focus on agricultural and rural themes. Elisabeth’s PhD researches the use of methods and study design within the agricultural economic field. Specifically focusing on behavioral research with farmers, the research aims to uncover how research methods and study designs are being used as well as why they are being used. Furthermore studies will be conducted to uncover which kinds of cognitive and attitudinal effects the use of the methods and study designs have on the research subjects, in this case Flemish farmers.