Christophe Vandeviver

Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Behavioural ecology
  • Social sciences
    • Social epidemiology
    • Crime policy
    • Urban and housing policy
    • Causes and prevention of crime
    • Criminography and methods of criminological investigation
    • Criminological theories
    • Safety, prevention and police
    • Youth and life course criminology
    • Criminology not elsewhere classified
    • Social geography
    • Informetrics
  • Medical and health sciences
    • Occupational health and safety
    • Epidemiology
  • Engineering and technology
    • Smart cities
    • High performance computing
    • Geospatial information systems
    • Geomatic engineering not elsewhere classified
    • Process safety
    • Product safety
    • Safety engineering not elsewhere classified
burglary police patrol police crime offending spatial distribution patterns urban crime victimization violence quantitative methods forensic intelligence